Music is meant to be fun and shared. The songs included on my first EP album are all true stories, I put it all together in a song to preserve the memories linked to it. 

I believe that music brings people together despite our differences in skin colors. As I always said "Music has no colors, It has Soul". This journey that we are about to begin is a start of something that's never been done before, where listeners and artists can connect directly and embark through the magical world of music together and turned strangers to long-time friends.

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Are you tired of being herded around from iTunes and Spotify? Do you have multiple different logins just to listen to the artists you like? You should be able to listen to music in the way that is most comfortable to YOU... 

Wakamasabe Vol. 1 will be delivered to you day by day through direct download and free stream. you can get the songs directly in different ways. 

Own it or stream it without ever logging in?



4 songs and years of hard work and dedicated friends who shared their talents on this album 

That's what went into this album. I thought it would be a shame to let that all go to waste. On the "Wasabe experience", you will have access to behind-the-scene content, detailed explanations, live streaming videos, and a chance to listen to the new tracks included on my next album. All these contents can't be found anywhere else

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